greatest technology leaders

Greatest Inspirational Technology Leaders of All Time

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The future of technology is booming and lots of people are investing in the industry with hopes of success and prosperity. Technology leaders and innovators are diving into the world of digital media, following the steps of the greatest and most inspirational technology leaders of all time. It is hard to compete with huge number of people correlating and coexisting …

IT Resume Lies: Causes and Effects

Writing the Biggest IT Resume Lies

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Job seekers aim to stand out to be hired right away. One way to stand out during applications is through a well-written resume. However, many of them embellish their resumes with ‘little white lies’. For employers though, these lies are a big deal. A CareerBuilder survey in 2014 showed that there was an increase in the number of information technology …

IT Job Interview Tips

Online IT Job Interview Tips to Land That Job

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Aside from traditional “face-to-face” interviews, IT companies today can assess their applicants online. This practice is known as online job interview. Land to your dream job through this online IT job interview tips: What is Online Job Interview? The rise of new technology has made the impossible become possible. This has paved the way to the success of virtual interviews. Several …

IT Job Search Tips to Remember

Basic IT Job Search Tips to Remember

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As a fresh IT graduate, you are probably excited looking for the best job to land. It is the moment where you imagine the best scenario of yourself doing what you love. So, what you do is search for the best job hunting techniques available online. Upon reading tons and tons of ways to ace job search, however, you might …

it industry secrets

Dirty Facts IT Employees Don’t Want to Tell You

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Even the techiest industry has its dirty secrets. But don’t let these scare you away from pursuing your dream IT career. Instead, may these be your list of cautions and make you be more aware in the tech field. Age Does Matter The older you get, the harder you’ll find a role in the tech industry. According to the Bureau …