career change tips to know

Career Change: Tips on How to Start a New Career Fast

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Sometimes you grow tired of and lose interest in what you’re doing and hope to find something new and challenging. Often, this experience pushes people to change careers. But for whatever reason, here are tips to help you start a new career fast.   1. Discover Your Passion Rediscover yourself. Realize why your past job was unsuccessful and what you …

IT Career: Reasons to Pursue this Career

Three Great Reasons to Pursue a Career in IT

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Many specialists consider information technology (IT) as a lucrative and fast-growing field. In 2015, Forbes listed it as one of the ten most profitable industries, alongside health, business, and real estate. In addition, numerous computer-related jobs were among the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ list of professions with the most growth in 2014. Are you an incoming college freshman or …

IT resume for new graduates

How to Write the Perfect IT Resume for New Graduates

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Clearly, you’ve spent four years or more in college boosting your knowledge and working on a high grade point average (GPA). So why aren’t employers drawn to your resume? Though hiring managers consider your school credentials, they value your experience and skills more than your degree. They desire to know your possible inputs to the company and your plans if …

IT resume writing tips

10-Step Guide to Writing the Best IT Resume

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Looking for pointers to boost your hiring chances? Read these IT resume writing tips and learn how to transform ready-made samples into compelling job applications. 1. Use an eye-catching format. No one wants to read a messy and confusing resume so see to it you make yours organized and easy to read. Here are items you should include in your …

work tips for web designers

Thoughts That Help Ease Your Tasks as a Web Designer

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Human perception and preference differ from person to person. This reality makes a career in web design truly challenging. If you are a web designer who thinks you already created a good output, you may have a hard time pleasing other people and make them agree with you. However, do not be hurt. Keep your passion alive and pursue your …