Web Design vs Web Development: Which Career Suits You?

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Want to create a website? Discover first the different facets of web building process. It’ll help you assess which one would be a better fit for you—web design vs web development. People tend to use these terms interchangeably; however, they don’t mean the same thing. Though both fields are involved in website creation, each sphere encompasses distinct skill sets. Let’s now …

Discover these cover letter writing tips

Best Cover Letter Writing Tips to Help You Get the Job

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Recently, you submitted your resume together with your cover letter. As a person with work experience, you’re getting anxious why you haven’t received any callback from the company. Yet, you’re quite worried because you didn’t read any cover letter writing tips before you submit one. You focused too much writing your resume you forgot a cover letter is as important …

internship tips to fulfill your dreams

10 Internship Tips to Turn Your Internship into a Full-Time Job

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Companies recruit employees in different ways. One way is through conducting internships. Employers look for interns with qualities befitting their work environment. This way, they can hire their interns and become their full-time employees. If you want to land the perfect internship for you and turn that into a full-time job, there are important internship tips you should note.   …

Facebook job search feature as an accessible platform

Facebook’s New Job Search Feature

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Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms that has been on the rise for almost 14 years. It connects different people across the world. Facebook’s team has been trying new ways to maximize the use of the platform. What’s in Facebook that makes it so unique from other social media sites? Introducing the new Facebook job search feature. …

it industry fun facts you should know

IT Industry Fun Facts to Feed Your Curious Mind

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Information technology (IT) industry is growing at an incredible speed. Hundreds of new technologies are being created each day. These inventions are products of past ideas. In fact, behind great discoveries are stories of failure and victory which surely feed the curious minds of tech lovers like you. Now, innumerable IT industry fun facts and stories all over the world …