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Specialized and skill-focused application for your prospective firms or organizations in the private sector.

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Complete your requirements and boost your hiring chances with these efficient resume add-ons you can buy alone or together with a regular or federal IT resume.

Cover Letter - $60

Complements your resume and showcases the summary of your career life and achievements.

LinkedIn Optimization - $90

Increases your online visibility to employers looking for ideal candidates online.

Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs) - $400

Establishes your competencies and helps you be an ideal SES candidate.

E-Resume - $30

Targets online job applications, ATS-friendly, and avoids spam blockers on most email service providers.

Reference Page - $30

Strategically lists the people who can best attest your skills and qualifications.

Letter of Intent - $80

States your interest, your reason, and your qualifications that your target employer might find valuable.

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Here are proofs of our industry expertise.
Got the job thanks to Margaret. She did a great job presenting my tech skills and abilities. Will recommend her to any IT job applicant like me.

- M. Singh

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are applying to private companies, the regular IT resume writing service is what you need.

If you are applying to a government agency, the federal IT resume writing service is what you need.

If you need supporting documents for your job application, you may purchase a resume add-on only, or with a regular or federal IT resume.

IT Resume Writing Service costs $125

Federal IT Resume Writing Service costs $210

You may buy our resume add-ons, too:

  • Cover Letter – $60
  • LinkedIn Optimization – $90
  • Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs) – $400
  • Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSAs) – $90
  • Technical Qualifications – $80
  • Electronic Resume – $30
  • Professional Biography – $140
  • Letter of Intent – $80
  • Reference Page – $30
Once we received the completed questionnaire and copy of your resume, you may expect to receive the initial draft in three (3) business days (excluding weekends).
As Infotech Resume goes online in 2019, we are now ready to serve not only IT job seekers from the United States, but worldwide.
If your inquiry is not addressed on this page, you may reach us via live chat, e–mail [email protected], or call 626-587-8571. Our client support agents are available from Monday to Friday, 8:00 AM – 10:00 PM PST.
Infotech Resume only focuses on writing resumes and supporting documents for job seekers applying for an IT or tech position.

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