Facebook’s New Job Search Feature

Facebook job search feature as an accessible platform

Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms that has been on the rise for almost 14 years. It connects different people across the world. Facebook’s team has been trying new ways to maximize the use of the platform. What’s in Facebook that makes it so unique from other social media sites? Introducing the new Facebook job search feature. It allows businesses to network with over 1 billion people visiting hiring pages online daily (source: Facebook).

One of the famous job search platforms is LinkedIn, which focuses on white-collar workers. Facebook, on the other hand, sees the chance of hiring blue- and pink-collar workers. These are workers who focus on manual labor (blue-collar) and service-oriented (pink-collar) work.

Pros of Using the New Facebook Job Search Feature

1. It is very accessible to users.

Large number of users means large network. Facebook has a huge potential market for businesses’ social media efforts. It has 2.07 billion monthly active users. That’s more than a third of the entire population of the world (via Hootsuite). Facebook sees a huge competitive advantage over LinkedIn. There are users who aren’t even familiar with LinkedIn. Now, Facebook helps the jobless look for new job opportunities nearby.

2. It is the hub for new and diverse opportunities.

Most Facebook users are millennials (via Statistica). Companies invest in attracting younger talents which pave way for millennials to see new job opportunities on Facebook. Easy yet profitable.

3. It is user-friendly and convenient.

One click, and you’re ready to go. You can arrange everything. From location, job type—whether full-time or part-time—to industries. This Facebook job search feature makes it easier for job hunters to find the exact job they are looking for.

4. It is good for brand awareness.

Aside from job hunting, people will also gain awareness of other brands unfamiliar to them. It’s beneficial for those who have little to no knowledge of brands near their areas. This Facebook job search feature also benefits the businesses by promoting their brands and possibly boost their sales.

5. It is cost-effective.

Facebook helps job seekers save money through job postings. Thanks to this Facebook job search feature, we don’t have to go personal job hunting and get all tired. Plus, it saves us from expensive printing expenses!
cons of using the new facebook job search feature

Cons of Using the New Facebook Job Search

1. It is open to fake job postings.

Most applicants face this problem: Double-checking whether a company’s job opening is real or not. Yes, you must look for the company background and nature to ensure your application. To get hired, make time to check; or else, it’s a risk you should take.

2. It is much possible to leave a bad impression.

When you use your personal Facebook profile to apply for a job, don’t expect to have a good first impression. Depending on how good your Facebook profile looks like; first impressions may vary. Employers screen applicants online. They take time to look through your old Facebook posts and review each of them. So yes, it’s very much risky.

3. It is tricky to be your normal self.

Once you apply using a social media site, make sure your profile looks clean and professional. No hiring managers would want to see your drunk pictures. So, if you used the Facebook job search feature, try to make a professional-looking profile.

4. It is available to billions of active users.

Facebook has over 1.15 billion active mobile users daily as of September 2018 (source: Omnicore). Meaning, there’s a tough competition between people who are actively looking for a job online. This results to a bigger competition so double your effort to land the job you always wanted.

5. It is an impersonal approach.

When applying for a job, hiring managers often look for people who use efforts rather than those who don’t. Passing your resume in person shows you really want the job. Also, personal contact shows courage and commitment (Live Career, 2017)

You know you have a lot to offer. Either you will show them your cheerful character in person or your impressive background through online application like the new Facebook job search feature. Whichever path you take is good—all you need to believe is you can do it. If you need help with your career, you can always visit us. Need interview tips? We have them here! For tips on how to create a striking resume, you can look through our resources here.

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