Greatest Inspirational Technology Leaders of All Time

greatest technology leaders

The future of technology is booming and lots of people are investing in the industry with hopes of success and prosperity. Technology leaders and innovators are diving into the world of digital media, following the steps of the greatest and most inspirational technology leaders of all time. It is hard to compete with huge number of people correlating and coexisting together in this world of competition.

Perhaps you are wondering what kind of situation you’d end with, the struggles you will face, and your way of conquering them. Maybe you already know the path you’re going to take but doesn’t know how to continue or if you have the guts to do so. This article details some of the greatest motivation pieces from the famous inspirational technology leaders you can rely on for motivation to keep you going.

Greatest Inspirational Technology Leaders and the Story Behind Their Success

Inspirational Technology Leaders Steve Jobs of Apple

Steve Jobs

“If I try my best and fail, well, I’ve tried my best.”

We live in a world full of failures wherein the decisions we make could either break or make us. Some people take years to succeed and some people get to live easily. Unfair, right? But can you believe that even Steve Jobs—one of the multibillionaire business magnates, the chairman, chief executive officer (CEO), and co-founder of Apple Inc.—had a difficult time venturing his way to success? He faced several setbacks that almost stopped him from pursuing his career. He even faced serious betrayals. Jobs was fired by someone he hired and trusted. He was also deceived by several journalists who used his name to publish an issue that didn’t include him. Upon his ouster from Apple Inc., Jobs founded his very own company, NeXT. Later on, NeXT merged with Apple and gave us the iOS we enjoy today. He also invested in a formerly startup company which was called Graphics Group, now named Pixar, and became a majority shareholder.

Everything was well, until fall 2003. Jobs was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and died at the age of 56 in October 2011.

Steve Job’s story remains an inspiration to people today and proves that life will give us inevitable problems. It is solely our choice whether to take those as challenges or stumbling blocks. It’s also essential to know that whether you succeed or not, you tried your best, and that should be enough.

Inspirational Technology Leaders Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg

“In a world that’s changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks.”

Torn between playing safe and taking risks? I’d give you reasons why you should choose the latter. Blind trust requires a hundred percent trust—and being able to take such risk is a brave start. Risks are inevitable, and through risk-taking, you are fostering self-trust. This is a trait most inspirational technology leaders possess. Before making any decisions, it is important to weigh facts, and possible outcomes, in order to come to possibly better decisions.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook and one of the youngest multibillionaires of all time, and one of the most inspirational technology leaders took various risks and succeeded in the field of technology. He began by creating and successfully installing a messenger program for his dad’s dental office at the age of 12. He entered college and started gaining popularity for his skills in programming. Zuckerberg left Harvard’s undergraduate computer science program in 2005. He fully devoted himself to building and developing what we call now “Facebook”. With his talent in programming that impressed millions of people, Zuckerberg was named “The Person of the Year” by Time Magazine in 2010.

His success didn’t stop there. Despite him gaining billions of revenues each year—like other he did not forget to give back to people. So far, he has donated $45 billion worth of Facebook shares to advocate human potential, equality, and world development.

Inspirational Technology Leaders Ginni Rometty of IBM

Virginia Marie “Ginni” Rometty

“Don’t let others define you. Define yourself.”

This is our problem: We often tend to confine ourselves with walls that other people build. We shudder so much with the thought of stepping outside. Even Ginni Rometty, the CEO, chairman, and president of IBM, promotes the idea of defining oneself and expanding capabilities through self-recognition. She was the very first woman to head the company. In 2012, she started off at the company as a system engineer and then later on headed global sales, marketing, and strategy.

Rometty came from a broken family; raised by a single mom, along with her three siblings. After her parents split up, her mom worked multiple jobs to support her family and went to night school to get a college degree. Rometty once said in an interview, that her mother did not have a job, nor a college degree. Her mom never worked outside. Despite all that, they never saw their mom shed a single tear. That proves that it is significant to know that you are so much capable of things you never thought you could do. After you find yourself, then you can focus on bigger, better things.

Expand. Grow. Test your limits, go far. You are creative, and you could do so much.

If you’re still stuck, ask yourself: What’s stopping you?

Inspirational Technology Leaders Jack Dorsey of Twitter

Jack Dorsey

“Expect the unexpected. And whenever possible, be the unexpected.”

Be the unexpected; a simple phrase but is easier said than done. As millennials, we face raging competition from people interested in the same lane that we are taking. We aim for perfection, however, that doesn’t suffice success; we have to fail in order for us to learn. In order to be known, we have to excel in specific fields. Jack Dorsey, co-founder, and CEO of Twitter and Square and a pioneer in microblogging service, was only titled before as a “summer intern” despite leading a group of people in their 30s. He was not acknowledged as an excellent programmer and team leader.

Dorsey, later on, moved to New York City and started to pursue his dream. By 2015, Dorsey already had a net worth of $2.3 billion and is currently named one of the richest billionaires on the planet. In Dorsey’s story, we can derive that specialization is highly relevant toward success. Although he was just defined as an “assistant,” he proved them wrong. He is the unexpected. Now, Dorsey is committed to running a company that fosters passion among people to love their work.

These tech giants and inspirational technology leaders prove that failure is inevitable, and it is a part of success. Moreover, failure is not an option. It is a pathway that leads to success. So, hang in there. Regain your confidence. Your journey starts now! Pursue your career in the IT field and subscribe to our services. We are willing to help!

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