Dirty Facts IT Employees Don’t Want to Tell You

it industry secrets

Even the techiest industry has its dirty secrets. But don’t let these scare you away from pursuing your dream IT career. Instead, may these be your list of cautions and make you be more aware in the tech field.

Age Does Matter

IT industry secrets
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The older you get, the harder you’ll find a role in the tech industry. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics and Census, the semiconductor engineers’ wages slowed down after reaching the age of 40, then collapsed in their 50’s.

Consultants Steal Spotlights and Dodge Bullets

IT industry secrets
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When a particular implemented system works well, IT consultants take credits. But if it turns into a fiasco, they put the blame on IT staff and insist the problem comes from poor implementation of the infrastructure.

Web Developers and Their “Bugs”

IT industry secrets
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Have you ever wondered why your laptop or smartphone needs a software update for the nth time? Believe it or not, the software developers who created it are also the brains behind this seemingly endless bug-fix scene. Most of them aren’t good at doing their jobs, which cause bugs that demand a costly development. In other words, it requires them a lot of wit and money to create error-free software.

Old PCs are Taken Home

IT industry secrets
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They say, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Old PCs are not taken to junk shops. Instead, IT staff takes those to their home to re-purpose. According to the report by the British daily newspaper, The Guardian, more than 600 laptops and 83 iPads belonging to the BBC were stolen in 5 years. Plus, 34 desktop computers, 7 e-readers, and 4 Kindles were also stolen from the British Broadcasting company.

IT Certifications Won’t Take You Atop

IT industry secrets
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Hiring managers use IT certifications to ease the grueling job hiring process and filter out the best candidate. But for some employers, having certifications don’t testify an applicant to be “ripe” enough for the position. As for them, those can help the candidate to secure an interview, but will not guarantee him/her to win the job.

There are no perfect industries and certainly no perfect jobs. These ugly truths shouldn’t be looked at as hindrance. Rather, you should take advantage of these to become wiser and better professional.

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