Ways for Job Seekers to Use Twitter as a Job Hunt Tool

twitter for job hunting

LinkedIn is usually the first thing that comes to a job hunter’s mind when they think of using social media for job search, because it is the largest online network for professionals. But did you know that Twitter, when used properly, is just as impactful in social recruitment?

Here are ways you can use Twitter to gain exposure and maximize your job search:

Be Strategic When Setting Up and Using Your Twitter Account

• Be Real

Be professionally recognized by using your real name. If it’s already taken, then include what you do for effect.

Example: JaneDoeWebDesigner or JaneDoeProgrammer

• Do the Twesume

Twesume is the 160-character short bio for your profile. Make the most out of this by keeping it employer-focused.

• Lead Your Audience to More Information

If you have a website, blog, or online portfolio wherein recruiters can know you more while seeing what you can do, link that to your Twitter account.

• Use a Professional Photo

A picture establishes a greater sense of connection between a brand and its followers. Use a photo that depicts professionalism while being friendly at the same time.

• Make Your Tweet Stream Interesting Before Following

Don’t rush to follow people once your account is set up. Make sure you tweet fascinating things first as people will be more inclined to follow you back.

• Tweet About Topics in Your Industry

By sharing valuable thoughts and opinions about trending subjects in your niche, you will gather more followers.

• Stalk Companies and Influencers

Follow, comment, and retweet tweets by companies you are interested in and key influencers in your field. This causes them to notice you.

• Get Career Advice

Follow famous career coaches and job search experts to receive helpful tips.

• Make Use of the Hashtag

Hashtags are there for a reason. Know which ones are relevant in your niche and regularly include it in your tweets.

• Send Potential Mentors Direct Messages

Reach out to people in your industry and make it known that you are looking for new opportunities.

• Shift Twitter Conversations to Face-to-Face Meetings

If an important person or brand interacts with you, grab that opportunity and shift the exchange to a voice chat or live meeting.

• Use Both Basic and Advanced Search Feature

Use the hashtag + keywords in your niche to look for options available. Example: #WordPressExpert

• Moderate Your Twitter Usage

Ensure that your time spent on this social media platform is productive by allotting yourself 15-20 minutes of engagement in a day.

You won’t see instant results once you have your account up and active. But as the saying goes, “All good things come to those who wait.

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