Answering “Are You Interviewing with Other Companies?”

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“Are you interviewing with other companies?”

    This is one of the most common job interview questions we should prepare for. Hiring managers ask this because they want to be aware of the competition they are faced with. This is also a means for them to identify the steps they need to take to get you on board.

      This question causes anxiety to applicants though. So what is the best way to respond to this without blowing your interview? Here are a few tips to consider when asked this:

        Be Honest – When answering, you don’t have to go into it in detail. Just be honest about how far along you are in the process. If you’re not comfortable dropping names, then you can just say, “I’m interviewing with some companies in the industry, and I’ve already been to a few interviews.”

        Be Consistent – Do not contradict yourself. Keep your answer targeted even if you’re applying in different industries. Mentioning that you are willing to work in any field will not help you land your dream job.

        Be Enthusiastic – Emphasize what you like about their company. Show them how motivated you are to work for them, and tell them the main reasons why they are your top choice.

        Be Confident – Hiring managers will be asking you a lot of questions so remember to be confident at all times. Keep in mind that the details of your job search is your personal business alone.

        Be Cautious – It’s generally not a good idea to state that you’re considering only one company. If you’re not attracting attention from other employers, your marketability might be questioned. There will also be instances that your leverage in salary negotiations will be minimized.

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