How to Write the Perfect IT Resume for New Graduates

IT resume for new graduates

Clearly, you’ve spent four years or more in college boosting your knowledge and working on a high grade point average (GPA). So why aren’t employers drawn to your resume?

Though hiring managers consider your school credentials, they value your experience and skills more than your degree. They desire to know your possible inputs to the company and your plans if they hire you.

Use your resume to convince top employers that your academic feats are transferable to the workplace. Follow these resume writing tips and employers will surely clamor for your IT services.

• Develop a direct and specific objective.

Recent graduates, like you, need to work on a targeted resume objective that sums up your career direction. When you write yours, however, make sure you avoid fancy and broad goals that fresh graduates commonly use. Also, if you have more than one possible career goal, create multiple resumes, with each one targeted to a specific objective. Be clear about your plans and tailor them to the position you are applying.

• Highlight your academic credentials.

Don’t forget to list your academic honors, awards, and scholarships. You may include your GPA, too, if it’s at least 3.0 on a 4.0 scale. If it’s lower than 3.0, you can use your major GPA (if it’s higher than your overall GPA). Consider adding a list of related courses in your education section, as well, so recruiters can see that you have a solid academic foundation.

• Emphasize your educational experiences.

If you don’t have a work experience related to your objective, include the internships and seminars you’ve attended in your resume. Mention the actual tasks, challenges, and roles you’ve performed, including the results and benefits the organization gained from your actions.

• Add buzzwords.

Optimize your resume with keywords so your name will appear in an electronic applicant search. Buzzwords are what employers use to find a match for a job opening. Job titles, certifications, and skills are all possible keywords.

• Pick the resume format that suits you.

The classic chronological resume format, which highlights work history, doesn’t usually work for fresh graduates. You need to focus on your academic foundation, motivations, and key skills that would help employers achieve their aims.

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