10-Step Guide to Writing the Best IT Resume

IT resume writing tips

Looking for pointers to boost your hiring chances? Read these IT resume writing tips and learn how to transform ready-made samples into compelling job applications.

1. Use an eye-catching format.

No one wants to read a messy and confusing resume so see to it you make yours organized and easy to read. Here are items you should include in your application:

  • Career Objective or Summary – should be short and direct and must apply to whatever job you are trying to get.
  • Education – should include the school’s name, length of stay, and relevant degree obtained.
  • Projects, Accomplishments, and Skills – add in here your software expertise, projects that translate well to the target post, and work-related awards that would highlight your feats.
  • Licenses and Certifications – include certifications you obtained that would be beneficial to your target job.
  • Work Experience – don’t forget to put in the company name, position, and a brief description of your achievements and responsibilities.

Use bold fonts for headings and bullet points to make it more professional and easy to read. Fonts should also be aligned and consistent.

2. Create a quality page header.

Use a header to include all of your pertinent contact details in the most organized way possible.

3. Feed your content with detailed yet concise details.

Change long winding sentences into a condensed single line if possible. Apply this in the projects, accomplishments, and skills section.

4. Beef up your verbiage.

Convey your qualifications in the most striking way possible. Replace common words with stronger descriptive words that signify the same meaning.

5. Rank your content and flaunt key details.

Research and study everything about the company and your target post and put your most relevant skill or feat at the top of the list.

6. Tell the truth.

Don’t include false info in your resume, for instance, putting a skill or qualification you don’t have. Instead, tweak your resume to keep it current and viable. Never lie or create stories just to nail the job.

7. Keep it to no more than one page (if possible).

Time is vital for hiring managers so keep your resume short and concise as much as possible.

8. Don’t sell yourself short

Don’t be afraid to brag about yourself. Mention your relevant skills, strengths, and qualifications.

9. Omit stuffs you don’t need.

Needless info such as marital status, age, and irrelevant activities don’t need to be in your resume. Be sure to exclude them in the final copy.

10. Proofread.

Nothing is more embarrassing than a resume filled with misspellings and grammatical errors. Always proofread and run your resume in a grammar checker before submitting it.

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