Traditional Interview vs. Virtual Interview

Traditional and Virtual Interview

The job interview is the most important phase in the hiring process. This is where the recruiter evaluates your skills and sees if you will benefit the company. But in this fast-paced industry, traditional interview tends to slow down as other issues are given more attention. This is exactly why some companies use another time-efficient method—virtual interview.

How different are they from each other?

Traditional interview or face-to-face interview is a formal meeting with one or more interviewers who ask questions to a candidate. Virtual interview is an innovated type which requires video message using applications such as Skype, HireValue, Hyier, and InterviewStream.

    Here are the differences between traditional and virtual interview:

      Virtual Interview
      Traditional Interview
      Time-efficient. Time-consuming.
      (As long as you have a computer, webcam, and internet connection).
      (The longer the travel time, the more you need to spend on commuting).
      Gives you feedback in a specific date/time. Hiring managers follow a hierarchal approach, which takes time to declare results.
      Hiring Process
      Can be a referral course of the interview process. Solely-based on your performance.
      It can be harder to assess body language. Wearing appropriate attire and giving a good handshake will provide you instant good first impression.
      A quiet room with neutral background. Interviews can only be conducted in offices of the company.
      If you’re not good at doing presentations in person, you’ll likely derail your performance virtually. Employers can assess your presentation and communication skills in actual.


      It doesn’t matter what interview type you’ll undergo; what matters most is you nail your job interview.

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