Career Change: Tips on How to Start a New Career Fast

career change tips to know

Sometimes you grow tired of and lose interest in what you’re doing and hope to find something new and challenging. Often, this experience pushes people to change careers. But for whatever reason, here are tips to help you start a new career fast.

1. Discover Your Passion

Rediscover yourself. Realize why your past job was unsuccessful and what you want to happen to your life. If you’re not sure of your preferences, taking career assessment tests may help.

2. Search for a Fitting Career

Once you figured what you want, search for careers that revolve around your passion. Likewise, check related career change cases where you can get ideas on how others changed theirs.

3. Leverage Your Transferrable Skills

When you shift to another career, you need not start from scratch. Assess your current skills and leverage them to your new career. For instance, your skills in communication, planning, and leadership are transferable and applicable to other careers.

4. Upgrade Your Training and Education

Entering another field may mean updating your skills and broadening your knowledge. Take short courses to earn a certificate or degree if you still have time. Training and education may not be enough to complete the gaps for experience, but they show your interest and commitment to the new field.

5. Volunteer to Gain Experience

Aside from added resume information, volunteering or working part-time can solidify your decision and give you a glimpse of the world you’re about to enter.

6. Find a Mentor

Find a mentor who can help you. Take advantage of his or her network and ask for sound advice when the path gets too overwhelming. Choose someone who succeeded in your target field.

7. Be Flexible

Always be open to possibilities—from employment status to relocation and salary. It’s good to set goals, but you must also accept changes and setbacks. These are part of your decision to change careers so don’t be discouraged.

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